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    lan Rules

    In-game Rules
    1. Laming and trolling will not be tolerated.
    2. Any form of racism, sexism or homophobia is strictly forbidden.
    3. Flaming or outright rage is not the Jedi way. If you can't be polite, then be quiet to avoid needless drama.
    4. Try not to use expletives as it sends a bad message.
    5. Post an announcement if you need to take a break from the clan for a week or longer.
    6. Use your most common name alongside your clan tag at all times.
    7. Help your clan members when needed.
    8. Be respectful to everyone, especially fellow clan members.
    Forum Rules
    1. Do not 'shitpost', in other words, do not spam post useless or irrelevant information.
    2. Do not instigate or participate in flame wars.
    3. Do not leak personal information of another user.
    4. Do not advertise other clans.
    5. Do not post NSFW material unless clearly stated beforehand.
    6. Do not create alternative accounts to bypass bans.
    7. Stay active, those who are inactive on the forums for upwards of a week may be removed from the clan.
    8. To prove you have read the rules, the secret password is: J|K 234

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