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    Please do your best to fill out all of the questions, try to keep the questions in bold and the response in standard font. Make sure to read the 'Everything you need to know before applying' post before creating this post.

    Due to the clan being invite-only, your referrals will have to reply to your application saying that they have referred you.

    In-game names/aliases:

    Steam Profile link:


    Time you've played MBII:

    How many hours per week do you spend playing duel mode?

    Favourite style and form:

    Who (if anyone) referred you:

    Admin Experience:

    Why do you want to join?

    Do you have any experience with Discord?

    Do you have a mic and would you be willing to use it?

    Do you enjoy community events?

    Would you take part in tournaments, PUGs and other events?

    What is special about you?

    Where are you from?

    Have you read the rules?

    What is the secret password?

    Do you accept to read the forums frequently and be as active in-game as possible?

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