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    Server IP

    List of all our admins on our server:

    Rcon: Aaron, SK5, Shilling, Jew

    Admin ID 1: Aaron, Jew, SK5, Shilling
    Admin ID 2: Nighthaze
    Admin ID 3: Potato
    Admin ID 4: Denstar
    Admin ID 5: Kwinto
    Admin ID 6: 64
    Admin ID 7: Pelmenu Lauks
    Admin ID 8: Axel
    Admin ID 9: Ferr
    Admin ID 10: Skystalker
    Admin ID 11: Enko
    Admin ID 12: Rain
    Admin ID 13: Hessu
    Admin ID 14: Garth
    Admin ID 15:
    Admin ID 16:
    Viserys, Tempest, Helix

    Our duel server uses an RTV system. Type !RTV to rock the vote, and type !nominate mb2_duel_(map) to nominate a duel map.
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