The highest quality skill-based MBII clan to date.

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Why choose the Jedi Order Academy?

High quality server

Our high quality and stable server allows for seemless and lag free dueling. Our well designed forums allow for easy and quick communication.

Experienced teachers

Our experienced and skillfull teachers are available around the clock to help you progress in MBII. Learn a saberform or master the art of the force.

Frequent events

Our clan shows that there's more to MBII than just dueling. Play in tournaments, PUGs, ceremonies, battle events, and gain commendations to help you progress.

Still not convinced?

Become skilled

Learn the art of a saberform from one of our dedicated teachers, learn to implement this into your combat in MBII.


Progress up our simple but very challenging rank tree, until you reach the top.

Make friends

Join our friendly and welcoming clan, make friends whilst you continue to play.

Help us grow

Join our ever-growing clan, be part of the bigger picture and help the growth continue!

Give back

Help the community and new members of the clan to progress also. Take the role of a teacher and offer insight.

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